The Premium plan provides significant benefits including premium support, the ability to add functionality such as scheduling integration, video hosting, and much more. The Basic Plus plan has all the features you need to ensure security, ease of navigation, and links to social media and other services. The Basic plan gives you an informational presence so that your patients and others can find out more about what you offer.

*All pricing is in Canadian dollars

Basic Package



Basic Plus Package



Premium Package



Unique website domain name for your practice

Personal customer representative to set up your website

Website hosting and maintenance

Customizable content: text, photos, links, forms, and document downloads

Important contact details: phone number, hours of operation, address, parking details, and a map

List of services your clinic offers

Online Health Library with over 600 conditions and treatments

Patient reviews and/or testimonials, if desired

Links to your social media accounts, medical associations, or news articles

Website security and malware monitoring

Email accounts and support

Personalized regular ongoing support that is over and above the occasional content update

basic packagebasic plus packagepremium package

Domain Name

A domain name is the address of your website (e.g., Your Personal Customer Support Representative will help you find a domain name that your patients will easily recognize and remember, and is available to purchase. It can be your medical clinic name (e.g.,, your first and/or last name (e.g.,, or some other text that is memorable (e.g.,

basic packagebasic plus packagepremium package

Personal Customer Support Representative

Your clinic is assigned a single point of contact that is there to assist with all your needs. From planning out what features you would like on a new website and your preferred design elements, to making even the smallest content updates to your site as needed once it’s up and running. Your Personal Customer Support Representative knows your website inside and out and is there to assist you. Any and all service requests are included in your flat annual fee, and changes are typically made within one business day!

basic packagebasic plus packagepremium package

Website Hosting & Maintenance

All Moneo Medical websites use the WordPress content management system, allowing for customizable layouts of your content. Your website will reside on the secure servers of Moneo Medical Informatics where we ensure all the proper server maintenance and website software updates are performed on a regular basis to ensure your site is always online.

basic packagebasic plus packagepremium package

Customizable Content

Take control over what your patients find when they search for you online. Your medical practice website can contain text, photos, links, forms, and/or document downloads to best support your patients and staff. Reduce time in waiting rooms by having patients complete in-take forms or diagnostic questionnaires prior to arriving at your office. After-care guides or pamphlets can be available download, should patient’s lose their printed copy. Your website content is 100% customizable to your practice’s needs.

basic packagebasic plus packagepremium package

Important Contact Details

Save your office staff time on the phone by providing important contact information on your medical practice website. Contact detail listings such as phone and fax numbers, hours of operation, email addresses (if desired), and your office’s address, complete with a map to your medical practice, are included with every Moneo Medical website. You can also provide details on parking. Patients are searching the web for this important contact information – we make it easy for them to find.

basic packagebasic plus packagepremium package

Doctor Photo and Bio

Build trust and credibility with patients by letting them know more about you. Your medical practice website can showcase all the physicians on staff by displaying their photo and biography. Support staff can also be profiled, if desired.

basic packagebasic plus packagepremium package

List of Services

If your practice offers optional services, provide a complete listing online so potential and existing patients can make informed decisions on which treatments they would like. Select from a variety of display options to highlight your services in a visually pleasing way.

basic packagebasic plus packagepremium package

Online Health Library

Provide patients with a physician-reviewed online health library that contains over 600 conditions and treatments. Select the library as a whole, or filter out the categories that best relate to your practice and ensure that patients are receiving proper medical information online from the doctor that they know and trust.

basic plus packagepremium package

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Patient reviews provide social proof about the quality of your practice. If desired, reviews can be collected through your website itself, through a Google business listing, or other social website and displayed on your website.

basic plus packagepremium package

Your medical practice website can link to other sites on the web that are important to you and your patients: Medimap (if your practice has a walk-in clinic), your professional social media accounts/groups, medical associations you belong to, and/or articles where you or your practice are featured. Links to third-party telehealth or online video appointment services can also be accommodated.

basic plus packagepremium package

Website Security

Basic website security is included on all of our websites, and updates are performed regularly to ensure they meet the current security standards. The Basic Plus and Premium packages include additional security software and malware monitoring to secure your site from any outside threats. A SSL Certificate ensures secure data transmission of sensitive medical information between patients and your office. Your website is also placed on a Content Delivery Network, which speeds up the loading times of your website, no matter where you are in the world.

premium package

Online Video Hosting

With the Premium package, you can include hosted videos on your website. Recorded video messages add a personal touch to information you want patients to pay particular attention to.

premium package

Email Accounts

The Premium package allows you to have staff email accounts hosted by Moneo Medical, that use your website’s custom domain name ( Your Personal Customer Support Representative manages your email server for you, adding and removing accounts as necessary when staffing changes happen at your medical practice.

premium package

Custom Scripts, Applications, and Software

The Premium package includes the addition of custom scripts, applications, and software to your website, such as an online booking system or ecommerce solutions to bring your website to the next level. Let us know your unique needs and we’ll develop a custom solution to solve them.

premium package

Personalized Ongoing Support

When you have regular ongoing support needs that are over and above the occasional website content update, such as ecommerce reporting or data processing that happens on a scheduled basis, we are happy to provide this service with the Premium package.